Riyadh: 53 people injured in Saudi aircraft emergency landing


Riyadh (Web Desk) Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A330 jet, on Tuesday made an emergency landing in the city of Jeddah, injuring 53 people.
The Saudia aircraft was travelling from Medina to Dhaka with 151 people on board, but had to be diverted to Jeddah late on Monday after it suffered a malfunction in the hydraulic system, the kingdom’s Aviation Investigation Bureau said.
Footage posted online showed the plane leaving a trail of flame along the runway as it skidded on its nose before screeching to a halt.
According to Aviation Investigation Bureau “The passengers were eva­cuated by emergency slides. 52 of them were slightly inju­red, while one female passenger suffered a fracture during the evacuation and is now receiving treatment”.
The aircraft circled over Jeddah for several hours as its landing gear failed to drop, forcing the captain to make the emergency landing, Saudi media reported.


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