Awn Chaudhry makes new allegations against Reham


Islamabad (Web Desk) As war of words intensified between PTI and Reham Khan over her unpublished book, Imran Khan’s political secretary Awn Chaudry launched a scathing attack on the former spouse of PTI chairman, accusing of her of being greedy for money and power.
In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Chaudhry said that time has come to make public Reham Khan’s “shenanigans” which he had personally witnessed during her 10-month marriage to Imran Khan.
“Her greed for money & power were insatiable and she was in a hurry to get both. I witnessed her demanding Rs 1 crore from Aleem Khan for her movie,” he alleged.
He further said that Ms Khan had approach one of PTI’s parliamentarians for the loan of furniture worth lakhs for her film and that the furniture was never returned.
“I had to accompany her to Karachi only to discover she contacted a SKMT donor, a big businessman, demanding money,” he said.
Chaudhry alleged that she had demanded $2 million in kickback in a deal for Safe City Project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
“She also sought to interfere in KP matters & right before my eyes she sought to make a deal for Safe City Project with a foreign company demanding $ 2m in kickback!,” he said.
“That is when I felt compelled to inform Khan Sahab about what she was upto. He immediately put a stop to all her schemes – sending her into a hysterical rage,” she added.
Reham Khan, on the other hand, said that she won’t be bullied by the PTI.


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