PIMS: 150 people visit for heat-related issue not for heatstroke


ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) A total of 150 people visited the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) on Thursday for heat-related issues.
Pims gastroenterologist Dr Waseem Khawaja said the rise in temperatures had led to an increase in the number of patients at the hospital.
“We get a number of patients suffering because of the heat or heat related-issues. Heat has a different effect on different people, some peoples’ body temperature rises and some peoples’ body temperature falls because of the heat.
Dr Khawaja said, in response to a question, that not a single person suffering from heatstroke had been brought to the hospital on Thursday.
“Although people think every patient who suffers because of the heat is suffering from heatstroke, in medical terms heatstroke is when a patient’s temperature increases from 106°7 or 41°C,” he said.
He added that heatstroke is a result of the failure of the heat-regulating mechanism.
He added that fever, headache, dryness of lips and tongue, vomiting, an increase in body temperature and unconsciousness are major symptoms of heat-related issues.
He said people with such symptoms should be moved to cool and shaded areas.


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