Commission starts working to prob deaths of children in Tharparker


Tharparkar (Web Desk) The commission created by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar to look into the causes of death of children in Tharparkar district reached the affected areas today.
Last month, the top judge had ordered the formation of the commission after a sudden increase in the deaths of children in the district reportedly due to high-level of malnutrition caused by drought.
A meeting under the supervision of Inspector General of Police (IGP) for Gilgit-Baltistan Sanaullah Abbasi was held today where officials from the Sindh health department were in attendance.
Abbasi, who heads the commission, said a complete report regarding the deaths of children will be submitted to the Supreme Court.
He added that he has information regarding the appointment of doctors and other healthcare officials in the area.
Furthermore, the IGP said the commission will tour the various hospitals and rural health centres in the district to ascertain the on-ground situation.
According to the Sindh health department, every year, 1,500 children die due to malnutrition, infections and lack of proper medical facilities in the remote region.
A report released by the United Nation’s Children Fund in April stated that Pakistan is in the list of countries with highest mortality rates with 22 infants dying before turning one month old.


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