July 05: PPP to observe black day across Sindh


Karachi (Web Desk) Pakistan Peoples Party has announced to observe black day across Sindh today on 5th July, the day when democracy was derailed in 1977.
President Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in a statement in Karachi today said that rallies and protests will be held in district headquarters across the province.
On this day, 37 years ago General Ziaul Haq had dismissed the elected government of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The military ruler imposed martial law in the country and ruled the country for the next 11 years.
Bhutto was imprisoned and subsequently tried for the murder of a political rival. Being convicted of murder in a controversial trial, Bhutto was hanged on April 4, 1979.
The PPP offices across the country will hoist black-flags and observe black-day to condemn the ouster of democracy and imposition of dictatorship in the country.


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