First water proof drone invented, can fly and swim


Florida (Web Desk) The new innovation is emerging in drone technology and now a company has made a complete water-proof drone that can swim on water, like a submarine while its controller, Interestingly, is also full water proof.
Spry drone is the world s first water-proof drone, manufactured by American engineers which can fly at a speed of 60 Km/h. The Swail Pro Company, located in Florida, has made it.
Spry drone has  4-K cameras , sakat (stall) photography and many other amenities. Although it can fly once for 17 minutes when charged but amazingly it reaches up to a kilometer. It also has GPS systems, apart from mobile apps.
Its video can be seen on several platforms simultaneously. According to American experts, its manufacturing and design have been completed in a time lapse of two years.


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