Karachi: Taxi driver killed over ‘honor’


Karachi (Web Desk) A man was killed on Thursday over ‘honor’ as revealed by the victim’s brother to the police on Friday.

Resident of Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 8 area, Irshad was shot dead on Thursday while he was driving.

The deceased had fled to Karachi from Parachinar following the murder over ‘honor’ of the girl he was romantically involved with back in his hometown.

The victim had been earning his living in Karachi by driving a taxi.

It was reported further that at the time of the incident, Irshad did not have any passengers in the car and was unaccompanied.

The body of the deceased was shifted to a hospital in the city for a post-mortem which revealed that he had endured five bullet wounds.

The police after a thorough investigation spanning over 24 hours had located Irshad’s brother and recorded his statement that provided the details.

It was revealed further by the suspect that the murder had been executed following the directives of a panchayat, -a group of the village’s leading elders.

Moreover the first information report (FIR) revealed that amongst the suspects responsible behind the murder, the woman’s father and relatives re also included.


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