It is Pakistan doesn’t matter


By: Sohail Khan

BS 3rd Semester,  Media and Communication Studies

University of Swat

There is a saying “busyness is the blessing”, I was free at home everything seemed boring I sprinted the front door of my home, I headed toward my brother’s car wash, when I cross the road and saw a fancy car on the stand to be washed my brother was just starting to clean it from the inside, I run to see how the car is from the inside, when I open the car’s door to see the car satiation and it was very bad I glanced, me and my brother started to clean it up from the inside than the body , nearly an hour we ware entertaining ourselves in that but it wasn’t finish yet when the man with a nice suite showed up mobile on one hand swiping face book, black shoes, sober hair cut, clean shave and much more he looked like a hero to me.
He approached me and without asking anything he say’s give me the key’s, I looked at my brother and then I replied the man that it is not finish yet it may take 10 minutes more, you have no idea what he said to me, for a second, I thought to kill myself or the man in the suite. The phrase, I couldn’t think a man like him would say something foolish like him, how proud he was like a father ask his son, how was the result and the son replied with proud and confidence that I got first position in the class. His father said this is Pakistan doesn’t matter give me the keys. I give him the keys and he was gone but he made me curious about the phrase which he used that day. I asked myself why a person like him say’s like this, what is the reason, who is responsible, how can it be solved because it looked like a problem to me.
I started to dig out than I get to know that Pakistan was born in the age of crisis Indo Pak relations 1965 war separation of Bengal ,Kargil war 1999 it is  now 2018, recently the government of Pakistan offered dialogue to India but they refused it. The Pakistani govt were in the mood to bring peace in both the countries. The roots of India Pakistan composite dialogue process date back to May, 1997.This process goes will but after Kargil war in 1999 as you know it is are of nothing know. My point from all this is the financial constraints our country is facing is very as the PM on his first victory speech addresses the nation, he said we are 28 thousand Billion rupees in-debt of IMF.
After that I looked to the roots of our democracy, I don’t see a democratic country , general Yahya Khan suspension of 1962 constitution, Bhutto(1971-77) dark phase for freedom of press semi democratic govt, Zia ul Haq (1977-88) another dictator ,Parvez Musharraf another dictator. No long term policy was made by any dictator. How could a state survive if there is not even single policy only for 10 years which made our country develop economically, socially and technologically so then with the suite what he said he was affected from bad condition of GT road, he was well qualified. According to ASER report 22.6 million children are out of school in Pakistan, and the remaining how goes to school are effected by those who do not so generally we can say that we are educating no body.
How to overcome these problems act 25 of constitution ‘the state shall provide free education to a child from age 5 to 15 that is the responsibility of the state the doing it our responsibility is to send our children to schools and colleges to developed this country socially, a wise person once told me that “don’t take the responsibility if you can’t fulfil it” so if we are going to see a better future for ourselves and this state we need to take our responsibility as a father, mother, teacher, student, politician, labour, contractor whatever responsibility we have in our life we need fulfil it with dignity than we might see good infrastructure better life style good behaved people and a happy life.


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