Lahore: Punjab government provides temporary shelters to homeless in the directions of PM


Islamabad  (Web Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said tents are being set up in Lahore as temporary shelters for the homeless sleeping on the footpath of the provincial capital.
The prime minister  also shared on Twitter account pictures of the arrangements being made by the authorities in Lahore.
The move came hours after the prime minister said he had asked Punjab chief minister to set up tents for people sleeping on footpaths and provide them food until the Pana Gahs (shelters) are built as the weather turns cold.
He said spots for setting up the tents in Karachi and Peshawar were also being located.
He also shared the images showing packs of new quilts, bedspreads and pillows placed inside the tents yet being erected by the workers.
Another image also showed the homeless people enjoying food served to them in the temporary shelter.
The Punjab government Saturday started installation of tents in Lahore to accommodate the homeless people until the proper Panah Gahs (shelters) are constructed.
On November 10, the prime minister had broken ground for construction of Panah Gahs in Lahore to provide roof to those who spend their nights out in the open.
The government had identified five spots in Lahore for construction of shelters what the prime minister said would be turned into centers of excellence.


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