Respect and fame must be earned through hard work: Iman Ali


Karachi (Web Desk) Renowned Pakistani model Iman Ali has said that fame and respect is supposed to be earned through hard work and not by “childish walkouts and social media posts playing judge, jury and executioner”.

“Our sense of entitlement to quickly judge anyone and jump to conclusions worrisome specially in this age of social media. A platform that has made it too easy for some to become a part of a controversy or join a band wagon and become famous overnight and potentially ruin anyone’s life or body of work in minutes,” Ali said on Instagram.

“Fame and respect should be earned with hard work in time. Not by childish walk outs and social media posts playing judge, jury and executioner.”

Ali’s comments come at a time when seven nominees of the Lux Style Awards have asked for their nominations to be withdrawn as a show of solidarity with survivors of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Nominees who have requested to be removed include models Eman Suleman and Rubaab Ali, clothing brand Generation, makeup artists Saima Bagfrede and Fatima Nasir, singer Meesha Shafi, and rock band The Sketches.


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