China launches electric bike ‘Himo T1’


Shanghai (Web Desk) Xiaomi, an electronic Chinese corporation, who is famous for mobile phones, launched an electric bike ‘Himo T1’ succeeding as the third edition in the party.

According to iGyaan, the new Himo T1 is the follow up of the Xiaomi backed Himo brand’s third electric cycle.

The first one is the Himo V1 and while the second one is the Himo C20 folding e-bikes.

The key highlights of the Himo T1 are its one-button start, multi-function combination switch, a digital display, among other things. The Himo T1 comes with a very simple design and its tires measures around 90mm in size.

The Himo T1 is already listed in the company’s crowdfunding platform that reveals all the key highlights of the bicycle.

The list reveals that the Himo T1 packs a 14,000mAh Li-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 48V. The list reveals that the electric bicycle comes with 14Ah/ 28Ah energy options.

It further reveals that the 14Ah option of the cycle will allow users to travel up to 60kms. On the other hand, the 28Ah version will go on up to 120km.

The Himo T1 electric bicycle also comes with a front suspension fork, dual coilover rear suspension, drum brake on the back side, then there a hydraulic disc brake on the front.

The bike weighs 53kg and measures 1515x665x1025mm.

The electric bicycle It will be available in three colour variants including – Red, Gray, and White.

As for the pricing, the crowdfunding website reveals that the Himo T1 comes for a price tag of CNY 2. In China, the bike will be available for buying starting June 4.


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