You are born to be a Legend


By: Sohail Khan

BS 3rd Semester,  Media and Communication Studies

University of Swat

 We all are human, we are the same species we share the common interests. That we all want to be best in our lives. No one wants desperation for himself. Each human being wants to be free. We all want the same thing in our lives freedom and our wishes to come true. Then there is a question. Why aren’t all humans are the same? or why some are successful while others are deprived ? Why the things which happen with you are destined? There are alot of other questions like these mugging around-the-clock in each individual minds. And only legend knows the answer to it. The answer to these questions is that you are truly responsible for whoever you are. Your present is the effect of your past. If you are 25 years old the food you have eaten all these year made your physical body like the way you are now. The thoughts you hold in your mind from all those years defines your personality and mind-set today. So you can start today for your better tomorrow by making commitment with yourself. That,I will make great choices from today to help me achieve my goals of tomorrow.

If a person wants to be a doctor he can only be a one if he passes all the exams of the degree. Than after 5 years of struggle he will see himself as a doctor .From the first day of university he made up his mind that i will be a doctor and each person starts to call him a doctor.His friends, family everybody who know that he is studying to become a doctor, he might be in first year of his studies but even so everybody will treat him is a doctor. But he won’t become a one until he realize and made a true commitment that yes I am a doctor. And we have seen a lot of great and legendary doctors in our lives they didn’t became doctors with a shortcut but the hold this thought that i will be a thought and they had chosen a good way for that.

Bill Gates was not born with golden spoon. He was a matches and cigarette salesman. Nothing more than a common men but why he flew this high.When he was kicked out from university he made a commitment with himself. In his words i studied failure for my success. He learned from his every mistake that’s way he is what he is today. So it’s never late to make a commitment with yourself, it’s your day start from now. And always convince your mind that yes i am lucky to have these hard problems today. I will learn from it. If you want to be anyone you want than treat yourself like that person, because this will make you true to yourself and true friend can lead you to your goals, be a friend with yourself. If you treat anything any way it will become like that.

For example if you took someone is a criminal and you thought he can harm you, yes he will bring you harm. Because scientifically you will show wrong emotions towards him and this because your wrong emotions and fear will lead you to being harm by his hands. So if he brings any harm only you are responsible for it you shown the wrong emotions and expressions. Don’t be afraid of any problem because problem brings solutions, a person with a lot of problems today, when he thinks and solve those problems made him a solution maker tomorrow. If you became a solution maker to 90% of your problems than no one can stop you from whoever you want to be.

The person who stands in storm being strong enough to fight it back is remembered is a legend. Every individual holds analytical mind and each person is a problem solver to his problems your problem won’t solve until you accept it .So life is simple just say I am a legend and will make myself the best. Start from today you have a long life ahead.


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