Karachi: Woman killed by rickshaw driver


Karachi (Web Desk) A woman was stabbed to death by a rickshaw driver in Surjani Town on Saturday. Police said 46-year-old Yasmeen, wife of Junaid Shaukat, was found dead inside a house near Bilal Chowk in the town’s Sector 51D.

SHO Iftikhar Ahmed Qureshi said that responding on the information received, police mobiles were dispatched to the scene, adding that the officials found a teenage girl shouting for help outside her home. On entering the house, the police found a man with a knife in his hand.

When told to surrender, he started stabbing himself to avoid arrest, but the officials overpowered him and took him to the hospital.

The woman’s body was also found during the search of the house and it was also taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

Recording her statement to the police, the teenager identified the suspect as Shahzad, saying that he was a rickshaw driver who used to pick her up from college, adding that the woman was her mother.

Police said the driver was known to the mother as well and used to visit the house, adding that after he brought the teenager home on Saturday afternoon, she asked about her mother.

The driver said she had taken some sleeping pills and was resting, but when the girl checked on her mother, she found her covered in blood. She attempted to shout but the driver threatened to hurt her.

The daughter then told the driver that she wanted to call a doctor for help and left the room, but after the suspect got a gas cylinder from the kitchen to burn the body, she ran outside and raised a hue and cry until the police arrived on the scene.

SHO Qureshi said Shahzad is in their custody, adding that they are waiting for him to regain consciousness, following which the officials will interrogate him.

The officer said Yasmeen hailed from Punjab and her husband was in his hometown due to some work, adding that the woman was alone at home at the time of her murder.



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