Cornavirus: Eight cases reported in a single day


Karachi (Web Desk) In a single day, eight cases of the novel coronavirus have emerged from Karachi, revealed the Sindh health department on Monday.

The health official said that the number of persons who have contracted the coronavirus in Pakistan have risen to 14. One patient has successfully recovered and has been sent home. Hence, the total number of persons who are infected with the virus in Pakistan are 13.

Five people infected with the coronavirus arrived in Pakistan from Doha via Syria. Three patients, on other hand, arrived in Karachi from London via Dubai.

Sindh information minister Nasir Hussain Shah urged the public not to panic, saying that the nation had to “face the situation together and come out of this crisis”. He said that only 2% people infected with the virus had died. He said that only people with a weak immune system were susceptible to the disease.

Earlier, the health department had reported about the fifth coronavirus case in Karachi. The infected person returned from Doha, Qatar earlier in the day, the ministry said, adding that the 53-year-old man is a resident of Karachi.

The man along with his family has been shifted to a quarantine facility, the ministry noted.

 The first person who contracted the novel coronavirus in Pakistan last week, was discharged from hospital on Saturday after he recovered completely from the infection.

The young man, who was the first coronavirus patient from Karachi and Pakistan, was sent home after fully recovering from the virus.

More than 3,800 people have died worldwide from coronavirus and there are more than 110,000 infections, according to the World Health Organization.


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