Role of Freelancers in Peace Promotion


By: Tehrim Sagheer

Today’s era is called the digital era where everything turns to digitise, fast and reachable. This era globally connects the whole world with a single touch of finger tip. Global market places and online payment platforms equipped the global workforce with all the tools needed to chart their own career path. This ideal environment connect the global clients to a platform which is called freelancing.

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Freelancing is the source/platform which is helping in the promotion of peace and harmony to the world. Here buyers deals with their sellers irrespective of their cast, creed and religion globally. The wave of Mutual Coordination between buyers and sellers shaping a real society of mankind in its true sense. Participation of the individuals of different races, faiths and religions creates a global cultural atmosphere which is benefitting the overall world’s economy.

In Pakistan, around 90% of young generation under age of 35 opting Freelancing as a part time or full time job. These findings includes data of freelancers from different faiths. Men and women are joining this world’s emerging market as a profession due to independence of work, higher income satisfaction & vast horizon of worldwide customers.

Sonia, a Christian graphic designer from Multan said that my clients are from different countries of the World, regarding work I have to communicate and chat to them and they talk to me without asking about my country or religion so, I believe that freelancing is a platform which is uniting different cultures of the World.

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Tanveer Hussain Nandla, a successful Muslim blogger of Pakistan said that writing is an art, It is something which can mould people’s thought he added that the noble mission of peace and harmony can be optimise through positive writing. Freelancing work force gaining momentum gathering the whole world on a board. During this turbulent time when surface differences are exaggerated, freelancing providing strength to heal the power of mankind.


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