Princes Diana was planning to move US with Pakistani Doctor


United Kingdom (Web Desk) Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s romance had garnering attention from all over the globe as many perceived him as her soulmate.

However, a close friend of the Princess of Wales, Simone Simmons claims that while the two may have shared a similar fate, she had the eyes for someone else: a Pakistan cardiologist living in the UK, Dr Hasnat Khan.

At the time of her death in 1997, the mother of two was 36 years old and had been in a relationship with the Egyptian film producer. While the two died in a car crash, some conspiracy theorists are of the view that they were actually murdered as the idea of a Muslim having indirect ties with the British royal family was unacceptable for many at that time.

That being said, Simmons, who was also Diana’s psychic along with friend, told the Daily Star that the princess was in love with Dr Hasnat.

“Diana was never in love with Dodi. She always loved Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon she dated before Dodi. She wanted to move to America or South Africa with Hasnat and was already over Dodi when she died – he was just there to try and make Hasnat jealous. He was just a playboy, not Diana’s type at all,” said Simmons.

“I know this because she used to share all her most intimate secrets with me,” she added.

She went on to add that Diana had plans of moving to US with Hasnat—similar to what her son, Prince Harry did along with his wife Meghan Markle, yeas later.

“Diana viewed the actress Julie Andrews’ house in Los Angeles as a possible place to move but what she really wanted was for Hasnat to come with her,” she said.

“She was hounded by so many rumours and false stories about who she was sleeping with and the pressure of her fame was really getting to her,” she added.



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