Katrina Kaif works tirelessly, Hrithik Roshan reveals


Mumbai (Web Desk) Hrithik Roshan enjoys a deep connection with co-star Katrina Kaif, which transcends beyond their professional capacity.

The star believes Kaif is a die-hard mazdoor [labourer]who works tirelessly, with immense dedication.

Speaking about the same, Roshan revealed at the Hindustan Times Mint Asia Leadership Summit, “This is something that I’ve always told Katrina, which she kind of takes as an insult, but which I mean as an incredibly well-intentioned compliment. I regard Katrina as a mazdoor; she is a labourer, she is a worker. She is one of the best labourers and workers that I’ve ever come across.”

He added, “I’m telling you, deep inside Katrina is a mazdoor; she just happens to be beautiful and hot and all of those things. Those are just the decorations, but deep inside, she is a worker. Having said that, she is so super talented, it becomes very easy for her, it becomes very easy for me when I’m working with her.”

Kaif’s incredible work ethics have been applauded by other co-stars as well.

Earlier Tabu, who worked with her in Fitoor said, “Katrina is the most hard working actress I have ever met, seen and worked with. I had three days to prepare… the involvement with which she works is amazing.”



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