IHC Rejects Plea To Start New Inquiry Against Dollar Girl


Islamabad (Web Desk) The Islamabad High Court on Sunday has rejected the petition of the Customs department to start a new dollar smuggling inquiry against model Ayyan Ali.

Justice Ghulam Azam Qambrani announced the reserved verdict.

The court had received a petition by the customs officials against the verdict given by the Customs Special Court in Ayyan Ali’s case. However, the High Court rejected the request of the customs officials. The verdict has been given by Justice Ghulam Azam Qambrani.

The appeal against the decision of the Customs Special Court had remained pending since March 31, 2016.

It should be remembered that Ayyan Ali was called an offender after being arrested in March 2015. She reportedly tried to $506,800 in cash to the UAE, past the Airports Security Force personnel at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.

But she was granted bail and has been escaping ever since. She missed 45 court hearings and the court issued her arrest warrant. The court had also ordered her property to be confiscated.

However, she reappeared on February 29, 2020 on Twitter. She then released her debut album as well this year.



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