Islamabad: Two day children literature festival ends


Islamabad (Web Desk) A number of children along with their parents thronged the two-day ‘Islamabad Children Literature Festival’ held at federal capital during the weekend and enjoyed a number of colourful book-oriented and entertaining activities.

The festival was arranged by National Book Foundation (NBF) in collaboration with Kindle Foundation and Shifa International at Aiwan-i-Quaid, F-9 Park.

The two-day festival continued from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm during Saturday and Sunday and featured a number of colourful book related activities for the children.

Shagufta Shahid, who attended the festival with her three children said such festivals serve as catalyst towards mental nourishment of the children and help promote extra-curricular activities among them.

The knowledge oriented activities in this festival are also vital for awareness among parents about the training of children, she observed.

Umer Shafique, another parent said, this festival was a unique one and entertained our children along with providing a good moral lessons.

He said literature festival for children will promote books reading habit among them and will be instrumental for their mental growth.

The parents with children below the age of 13 years attended the festival without any charges.

Islamabad Children Literature Festival intended to present enjoyable literary activities for children in a festive environment.

The children festival included a number of activities including exhibition, training and workshops, narration by renowned authors, storytelling sessions, learning sessions with parents and children, competitions, movies, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Science stalls and Robots, Aero Modeling show, Food stalls, Nigar Nazar’s Gogi show, puppet show, games, songs and music, and Aerobatic display, the official added.


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